CUFF Recordings

Brand Acceleration, Event Production.


FMLY Agency / The Hidden People.


Creative & Art Direction, Content Creation,  Video Edition, Collateral Graphic Design.


Poster, Flyers, Stickers, Invitation Cards, Content for FB, IG, Snapchat paid campaigns, Ticket Shop Website. Podcasts. Wristbands. 

About this project:

My role as Creative Producer was to set a brand event, create a promo campaign, produce assets for marketing content (on/off) and promotion, coordinating the workflow to execute the marketing plan, using unique aesthetics based on illustration and cartoon style as requested by the client. 

On-site, I’ve interacted with the team to arrange the stage decoration, setting the right visuals on digital screens and lighting effects.


Creative producer: camilo Tribin, Project Management: Laurent Rooss, Creative & Art Direction: Camilo Tribin, Photography: Jack Kirwin, Video Editor: Julian Duque, Camilo Tribin, Marketing strategy: Fleur Meier, PR, Press & Social Media: Alex Juckes.

Underground is the new commercial.

CUFF Europe's first debut at ADE with huge line up!

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