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Brand Acceleration, Event Promotion.


The Hidden People / FMLY Agency


Creative & Art Direction, Digital Content Creation, Email Marketing, Video Edition, Collateral Graphic Design.


Posters, Flyers, Stickers, Wristbands, Content for FB, IG and SNC paid campaigns, Sponsored Event App, Promo Banners, Podcasts, Graphics for mapping and video content.

About this project:

My role was to set a campaign focused on brand awareness and artist recognition, producing marketing assets (on/off). By creating content for socials, I coordinated the workflow to execute the marketing plan between stakeholders and deliver technical files to print houses and third party agencies.

On-site, I’ve set the show, creating a concept to transform an old chapel’s look into a party club, facing considerable challenges in rules and architecture due to the building’s ancient heritage.


Director: Darren James Thomas, Creative Producer: Camilo Tribin. Creative & Art Direction: Camilo Tribin, Video Editor: Richard Rivera, Julian Duque. Marketing strategy: IM Lounge, PR, Press & Social Media: Jukebox Agency. Artist Liaison: Emile Martin, Emma Thompson.

Partying in a XVIII century old chapel? WTF

Challenging innovation through new experiences!

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