House of Voga

Brand Awareness, Event Marketing


The Hidden People.


Event Production, Creative Direction, Email Marketing, Event Design, IG feed design, Photography, Decks and presentations for pitching, Video Edition, Collateral Graphic Design.


Posters, Flyer, Content for FB, IG. Decks and presentations for pitching. Email Templates, Stage Design. 

About this project:

My role was to enhance events, create collateral material, experiential marketing activities and digital content for sponsored pop up shows and online classes and workshops.

I supported the team by producing different assets for online content, forming creative decks for the brand and sponsoring pitchings, designing typography for videos, graphics for marketing material, assisting on photo shootings and retouching digital material.


Executive producer: Camilo Tribin, Director: Juliet Murrell, Creative Direction: Camilo Tribin, Photography: Martin Galvez, Carlos Redondo,. Video Editor: Julian Duque. Marketing strategy: Arianna Alexander. PR, Press & Social Media: Jukebox Agency. Partnership management: Juliet Murrell, Camilo Tribin.

VOGA bridges the gap between YOGA and DANCE!

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