La Discotheque

Brand Acceleration, Event Promotion.


FMLY Agency / The Hidden People.


Creative & Art Direction, Content Creation, Executive production,  Collateral Graphic design.


Posters, Flyer, Content for FB, IG and SNC paid campaigns, Promo Banners, Podcasts, Graphics for video mapping.

About this project:

My role was to create a campaign, producing assets for marketing content (on/off) and promotion, coordinating workflow to execute the marketing plan and put on stage a show that will change the atmosphere of the venue and enhance the experience of the audience.


Executive producer: Camilo Tribin – Kat Warburton, Creative & Art Direction: Camilo Tribin, Project Manager: Kat Warburton, Photography: Jack Kirwin, Video Editor: Julian Duque, Marketing strategy: Fleur Meier, PR, Press & Social Media: Alex Juckes, Artist Liaison: Jo Ann, Artist management: Darren Thomas, Make-up & Queens Liaison: Kat Warburton.

¨La Discothèque is an award-winning extravagant, glittering carnival ¨

Not a regular party!

Exploring ways to mind-blowing the audience.

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