Peak Mystique

Event promotion, Digital Content.


Secretsundazde. The Hidden People.


Event Production, Art Direction, Digital Content Creation, Collateral Graphic Design.


Flyer, Posters, Flyers, Content for Ad campaigns FB, IG. Promo Banners, Online Ticket Shop

About this project:

As a Producer and Digital content creator, my role was to enhance the marketing strategy with FB and IG pieces using paid advertising to reach a wider audience.
I took care of the production to transform the venue from a boat to a disco club with light and art installations.


Executive Producer: Camilo Tribin, Bobby Wassenaar. Storytelling: Camilo Tribin / Gijs Van der Grinten. Creative Direction & Marketing Content: Camilo Tribin, Photography: Gijs Van der Grinten, Video Editor: Bobby Wassenaar, Moo Jaber, PR, Press & Social Media: Gijs Van der Grinten, Artist Liaison: Secretsundaze / Gijs Van der Grinten.

From sunset to sunrise!

Transforming a boat into a disco club.

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