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Experiential & Event Marketing 


The Hidden People


Event Production, Creative & Art Direction, Content Creation, Video Direction, Email Marketing, Decks and Presentations for Pitching, Stage Design, Collateral Graphic Design.


Short movie, Posters, Flyers, stickers, Content for FB, IG and SNC paid campaigns, Promo Banners, Podcasts, Graphics for video.

About this project:

My role was to create a short movie and deliver a campaign for destination travellers focused on the product and its activities. 

I have to introduce sponsored marketing content (on/off) and design different experiences related to cultural insights to enhance the audience experience, allowing room for brand visibility and recognition.

On-site, we had the chance to dress boats, restaurants and hotel pools giving the right look for each event.


Creative Production: Camilo Tribin. Art Direction: Camilo Tribin, Video Director: Camilo Tribin, Photo and Video: Mak gamazo Idalgo, Marketing strategy: Jamie Ferguson, PR, Press & Social Media: Alex Jukes, Artist Liaison: Jamie Ferguson, Frank McWeeny.

Experiencing a new sailing concept in Barcelona!

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