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CUFF Recordings

Brand Acceleration and Event Promotion


The Hidden People / FMLY Agency


Creative Direction & Project Management: Camilo Tribin, Photography: Jack Kirwin, Lucia Covens, Video Editor: Julien Mascatti, Marco Doe, Marketing strategy: Fleur Meier, PR, Press & Social Media: Alex Juckes.

Brand Activation, Digital Content
Art, Colorful, Design, Print
About This Project

Cuff recordings are one of the authorities in the House Music community; owned by Amine Edge and Dance, CUFF is one of the top 10 emerging record labels of the last three years.

For their first Amsterdam Dance Event appearance, my mission was to promote the event and implement a marketing strategy to sell tickets and create brand recognition.

Interacting as Creative Director and Project Manager, I wanted to explore CUFF background trough their underground street style. Promoting the event with the same language, we set the blueprint for social content advertising.

Our efforts give life to a robust campaign in multiple channels and formats, giving us enough room to communicate the message to a broader audience and sell out tickets.

Flyer, Poster, stickers, Ad campaigns FB, IG, Snapchat and youtube channel.

Other services:
Graphic design, Marketing Strategy, Event App partnership, Photography, Video Edition & promo cut.