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Peak Mystique

Peak Mystique

Event promotion, Digital Content.


Secretsundazde. The Hidden People.


Storytelling: Gijs Van der Grinten. Creative Direction & Marketing Strategy: Camilo Tribin, Photography: Gijs Van der Grinten, Video Editor: Bobby Wassenaar, Moo Jaber, Marketing strategy: Camilo Tribin, PR, Press & Social Media: Camilo Tribin, Artist Liaison: Secretsundaze.

Digital Content, Event Promotion
Art, Colorful, Design, Print
About This Project

Peak Mystique is a collective that recreates the atmosphere that sprouted the roots of house and disco: that eccentric, free and open vibe in a synergy of music, love and light.

For the infamous and most prominent celebrations in Holland, aka Kings Night, I was honoured to join this project as Content Director and producer.

We developed a marketing guerrilla strategy, introducing the brand into this event market with incredible speed, creating a dynamic promo content that positions us #1 in the weekend’s top 5 events.

Flyer, Poster, Ad campaigns FB, IG.

Other services:
Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat paid campaigns, Banner for specialised magazines and industry portals such as Resident Advisor and youtube channels.