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House of Voga

House of Voga

Brand Awareness, Product Design, Marketing Strategy


Lola Barcelona, The Hidden People.


Director: Juliet Murrell, Camilo Tribin. Creative Direction & Project Management: Camilo Tribin, Photography: Martin Man, Carlos Redondo, Claire Overwater. Video Editor: Julian Duque, Marketing strategy: Charlene Lecuyer, Natalie Sutherland. PR, Press & Social Media: Jukebox Agency. Partnership management: Camilo Tribin.

Event Promotion, Experiential Marketing
Art, Colorful, Design
About This Project

HOUSE OF VOGA unites a highly stylised and expressive yoga with the slick alignment and posing of vogue-inspired dance.

It bridges the gap between YOGA and DANCE, combining the breath synchronised moves of yoga with the expressive movements of the dance class; focusing on strengthening the core and signing your body and mind.

While yoga reduces stress and increases calm and balance, physical and mental, VOGA also answers the cardiovascular demand that ensures a healthy heart and expressive soul.

Inspired by this great concept, I’ve joined forces with Juliette to create a wide range of products around the VOGA activities.

Our efforts resulted in several international partnerships with world-class brands; hosting unique VOGA events worldwide.

Interacting with agencies and brands, we approach event marketing activities to generate new content, creating some products and promoting the brand. We developed photo shootings and films for the lookbook, online classes for certified VOGA teachers.

Flyer, Poster, stickers, Ad campaigns FB, IG, Snapchat and youtube channel, website.

Other services:
Art Direction, Email Marketing, Event Design, IG feed design, Photography, Deck and Collateral Design.